About Us

June, 2014: The Chatsworth Cowboy Church was started. 

July 2014: Our first worship service was held on the twentieth.

For Additional Informatio Please Contact, Pastor Pastor Rudy at: 1-818-918-0123

We have been growing everyday, slowly but growing! 

What is a Cowboy Church?

 A Cowboy Church is where everyone is welcome, no matter how informal their clothes, no matter what background a person has, no matter where a person is spiritually or socially. It is a church  particularly for those who have the love for ranches, horses, rodeos, western culture and country lifestyle, but still a church for ANYONE and EVERYONE. 

Core Group


  • Senior Pastor: Rudy Schultz- Delivers the services at Sunday Worship and counseling.

  • Administration Pastor: George Nelson- Tends to all administration duties of the Church, business meetings and church functions. Substitutes for the Senior Pastor on Sunday Worship and counseling when the Senior Pastor is unavailable.

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jherri Heetland

  • Board Of Trustees: George Lightbody, Ted Diggins, Dan Casey, Dean Wageman, Geoff Johnson.

Our Mission




Our Goals: The Five Functions Of A Healthy Church


  • DECIPLESHIP:Teaching People to Do.........
  • EVANGELISM:Bringing People to Christ/Kingdom
  • MINISTRY: Doing Work In and Out of the Church
  • FELLOWSHIP: Brings Unity To The Church ( support, comfort, inspiration) for Spiritual Growth
  • WORSHIP: Leading People Into The Presence Of God, and coming together to worship God.
  • Prayer: Church Covered With Prayer 

Our Church is affiliated with the Following organizations:


  1. The Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council.
  2. The San Fernando Community Coordinating Council.
  3. The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council
  4. Valley Southern Baptist Association.

Cowboy Church Meeting


  • Worship Meeting: ( Including Children`s Meeting)
  • Fellowship Time:
  • Upcoming Church Activity: Trail ride, Roping, Storytelling, Q&A to the Church